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About the Doc



Hello everyone. My name is Dr.LeAnne Deardeuff.

I am a Natural Healing Consultant/Chiropractic Physician. I have been with Young Living for 17 years and 25 years in the natural healing world. My interests are anything to do with health, nutrition, and anything natural! My company is Radiant Life Training, LLC, which offers counseling, cleansing protocols, infertility programs and alternative medicine consultations using Young Living Oils and Nutritional Products.
We provide training in all aspects of life including health, spiritual and emotional etc. We have consultations and coaching packages available.


Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1996 with a doctorate in Chiropractic. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human biology and physiology. She also went to Brigham Young University where she studied Psychological and Elementary Education.


After Chiropractic school, Dr. Deardeuff moved to Jamesport, Missouri where she worked nine years among the Amish. Her patients came from several surrounding states. The Amish love natural healing so Dr. Deardeuff became their primary care physician not only acting as a Chiropractor taking care of the musculo-skeletal problems but as a naturopathic doctor taking care of such problems as ear infections, viruses, appendicitis, Chronic Fatigue syndromes, allergies, infertility, learning disabilities and a myriad of other ailments. Dr. Deardeuff has taught many classes on natural healing, learning disabilities, breast feeding, essential oils and other topics.


Dr. LeAnne is the author of three books.

“Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils”

“Ultimate Balance”

“Taming the Dragon Within”


Dr. Deardeuff has 12 children and 8 grandchildren. She currently lives in Chillicothe, Missouri. In her spare time, she loves to bird watch, quilt, appliqué, crochet, knit, needlepoint, garden and read. Oh and did I say, “Write”?