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Inside Out

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on July 9, 2015

I just went to the theater yesterday and watched the movie, “Inside Out”. My biggest take away was that it takes team work to succeed. When I got home I found out that Young Living had finally got my teams PV for June caught up and I actually became a Gold in June. True it is now a week into July but I could finally say that I did make it to Gold in June. gold stars
What did that take? It took me training and encouraging a leader over that team and also training and working with a leg on her team. It took her teaching and encouraging other people on her team and then, them buying more oils and having more classes to teach people below them about essential oils. The support goes both ways.
In the movie, “Inside Out” when Riley was sad it took her team leaders and her parent’sĀ support to cheer her up. It was their encouragement when she felt discouraged that pulled her back up to feeling happiness. I felt like that the end of June when I knew that due to some last of the month purchases at a Young Living event was going to pull me up into being a Gold. But no one but me knew. I don’t have an active leader above me that encourages me nor watches my progress. I felt alone and by myself. There wasn’t anyone above me cheering me on. They didn’t see that I was only a few dollars away in one of my lines from getting a rank advancement. And the day my June PV changed on July 6th, no one above me was paying attention to June anymore to see that I had changed. So nobody except myself cheered me on or gave me a nice picture on my wall to acknowledge my achievements. After I posted, hundreds of people liked my post or commented to congratulate me but I guess I thought it would be nice if someone had posted for me!
What did it teach me? To do the same for my team. To watch their achievements more and post a huge hurrah for them on their wall! To give them a big pat on their back.
So as I said, it takes Teamwork you cheering your team members on and them cheering you on. Because you love and support them, they love and support you. And you all grow together.

  • dj2me

    Gold horray

  • nativetexangirl

    Good for you! You should keep searching for an upline above you to cheer you on. There has got to be an encouraging leader up there somewhere! Congratulations on making gold!

  • Gwen Robertson

    Congratulations! It is sad that no one above you had a clue but, I know God did.

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