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Is God in Your Life?

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on July 31, 2015

A few weeks ago, I talked about having God be the CEO of your business. How about having him as the CEO of your life also? That takes a lot of practice on your part to learn to listen to Him and how HE talks to you.
A few Sundays past we had a lesson in our Women’s group about learning to listen to God. One lady got all upset and wondered who has the time to learn to listen to God. That floored me! Who wouldn’t take the time to do that?
There are many ways to do it. One is just simple— after you pray to spend several minutes afterwards listening. Attuning your heart to God and feeling His spirit and seeing if you can hear any answers back. Treat God as if you are having a conversation with Him not just talking at Him. Better then waiting until you are done talking after every question, pause and listen.
Today my husband and I went to the county north of us to go the Chiropractor after that we planned on going to my friends house to use her bathtub. I don’t have a working bathtub and I really wanted to soak in some Epsom Salts and Essential oils to help take toxins out of my skin, muscles and joints. That is such a great method to feel better. My friend lived in the north of our county at the bottom of the county above us. So we thought we would take a route from the north to get to her house. As we drove on a county road we saw a sign that said water over the road. We came to a large curve in the road and noticed that the pasture near the road was flooded. The road was dry and we went around the curve without seeing any water. Around the curve we noticed the ditch by the road was filled with running water. It had been raining a lot and everyday there we alerts of flooding in the area. About 1/4 mile up the road water was gushing over the road to the ditch on the other side.


Road closed sign blocking flooded road with river flowing over the road

My husband stopped and said “Well what do you think?” My replay back was, “What does your gut tell you? Listen to that.” That is where God speaks to me. My guts and heart will tell me first. I have learned to listen to that. He said “I think I need to back up and find a different way.” I agreed with him. So we went out and went a different way.
It reminded me of a time over 30 years before when I was on a route to go visit some friends and the short cut I usually take had had a sign for 6 weeks telling that the road was flooded. I couldn’t see why it would still be flooded after so many weeks. I felt a feeling in my gut that I shouldn’t go that way. But I talked my self into it and down the road I went. After a while, I came across a large “puddle of water” about ten feet long across the road. I said “This is it? That is easy I can go across that. My gut told me to turn around. I went on. I could feel the water pulling at my tires toward the side of the road. I turned a corner and in front of me was about three feet of water about 20 feet long spilling over the road. My gut feeling said, “I told you so!” “Yes you did,” I said to God. “You told me. I didn’t know what I wasn’t listening to.” So I turned around and went back to the beginning of the road and took a different way. I have learned that if I start talking myself out of what my gut feeling was telling me that I am doing something wrong and need to pray about what I heard. As a result of my husband listening to his gut (GOD) we are safe and our car is safe. Later when we got to my friends house, her creek was running over her bridge in much the same manner as another one was running over the road before. My husband immediately backed up the road to take us home. He didn’t need to make the decision twice. He knew to just get out of the area. I called my friend to tell her about her bridge so she wouldn’t make the trip down to it just to find out she was stuck and couldn’t get across it.
Using God in my personal life has saved me many times. Sometimes when driving I am told to “turn right” so I do and find out that I missed a car accident on the road or maybe I will find a yard sale that had something in it I really wanted. Listening to God blesses my life in so many ways. I know it will bless yours also.


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