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Pituitary Damage may be behind Hormonal Imbalance

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on August 8, 2013



By Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff and Dr. Mary Starr Carter


Women’s hormones are not just for getting pregnant, staying pregnant or having a nice sex life. These are called sex hormones or female hormones because they are specific to women (or male hormones specific to males). There is more to women’s hormones besides sex. One of the biggest issues among women is hormonal imbalance.

To understand women’s hormones, we need to know the workings of the pituitary gland. It is one of the glands that produce hormones and or signal our hormones.

Here are two questions to ask if you suspect or are diagnosed with hormonal imbalance or are having problems with your hormones:

How do we stay in balance?

What is causing us to be out of balance?

The pituitary gland is the master gland of the body. It sends its signals down to the thyroid and other glands. The thyroid sends its signals down to the ovaries and into the uterus and other places.

The pituitary gland also sends signals to adrenals, digestion, water balance and pancreas.

So if your pituitary gland is having problems, you may have problems in all those areas listed above. The question is which area and where should you fix it? Here are three reasons why your pituitary gland is not getting the right signals:

One: Accident or fall when you were a child

This is the most common issue and most of us can’t escape from a fall when we were little. I’ve had some of my babies fall from high heights when they were little. They may not remember the fact that they rolled off the couch, bed or stairs. Most of the time we will not remember the many small accidents or falls. Just because you didn’t have to go to the hospital doesn’t mean your pituitary gland is not affected.

Car accidents or whiplash can cause severe pituitary damage. Because the neck whips, the brain shuffles and hits on the head may cut or damage the stalk of the pituitary. The pituitary can’t give its signals to the thyroid and the body begins to go downhill.

Two: The death cascade

Dr. Gary Young called another huge pituitary issue the death cascade. This comes from negative emotions. Some of the signs are depression and horrible negative thought patterns. When depressed you might feel like killing yourself or wishing it would stop.

When this happens it causes the chemistry of your brain to change and causes all these death hormones to start taking place instead of good hormones that will help you with life.

How you feel and what you think can cause problems to your pituitary gland and hormones.

Three: Heavy bleeding

A very heavy period or a miscarriage with near hemorrhage can cause the pituitary gland to swell.

If you have experienced one or all of the above, here are ways to help you improve and achieve natural hormone balance:

If you had a fall, I highly recommend you do some cranial work with a cranial sacral therapist. These are usually massage therapists, physical therapists and some chiropractors. You can make sure your headbones are moving right, unstuck and your pituitary gland is able to give its signal.

If you see a child knocking his head against a wall, take him to a cranial sacral therapist immediately. His head bones may be stuck and he is trying to loosen them up.

For negative thought problems, you can use a few of these essential oils and find out which best suits your needs:








Idaho Balsam Fir


Harmony oil is amazing and it is a blend of pure essential oils including geranium, angelica, bergamot, lavender, spruce, ylang ylang, sandalwood, hyssop, palmarosa, Spanish sage, rose, frankincense, jasmine, lemon, orange, roman chamomile and coriander.

It changes the chemistry of the brain. Recently, I have been working with Harmony to reduce pain levels on brain injured people and have seen amazing results.

To work with the essential oils, put your hand at the back of your neck where your head and neck meet. At the soft spot bring your fingers there and apply the oils of your choice. While using the VitaFlex technique, say affirmations like “I choose life”, “I love life”, “I am glad I am here”, “I am happy” or anything that brings joy and happiness to your brain for 2-3 minutes. These will change the thought patterns in the brain and this will introduce good hormones. It will start the good hormones going again.

We are doing the ‘death cascade’ to help change the chemistry of the hypothalamus and change the chemistry of the brain.

Here is a testimonial from Deanna S., one example of someone who has suffered depression for years and took advantage of two essential oils (NOTE: Check with your health professional before taking off any prescribed medication. We are here to share our experience and knowledge and not to diagnose or prescribe.):


Experiment with different oils and see which works best for you, your mood and hormones. To troubleshoot and find out more about women’s hormones, please read Dr. LeAnne’s book “Taming the Dragon Within”.   http://drleanne.xyz/taming-dragon/


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