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The Body can Heal Itself!

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on February 5, 2013


Have you ever felt like it just isn't going to work? That what ever you do to heal just won't be good enough and that you will continue on just being sick forever? 

Your depression will never end. Your Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia will just go on and on and never let up? D.D Palmer and his son, B J Palmer, the founders of Chiropractic taught that the body heals itself.

As a chiropractor I knew that to be true if given the proper nutrition and healing modalities. You can watch it do it when you scrape you arm or break your leg. The body heals itself. In my Histology class, (the study of tissues) we were taught that it takes 3 to 4 months to heal a tissue. And there are only 12 tissues types. Some tissues heal a lot faster than that! So if you aren't healing then perhaps you don't have the correct nutrition or modality to heal it!

Don't give up! Keep the faith! Get some help! Learn what you need.



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