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Wayne Dyer—One of my amazing Mentors

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on September 3, 2015

This week, I was saddened by the news that Wayne Dyer died. I know he was ready and not afraid to go to his next big adventure but I would miss him. The great news is that he left his thoughts in his books and I can continue to read them.

One of my favorite things he taught was that God was the source of all things. He called himself a “Sourcerer” because he believed in God. He taught His teachings also about loving one another. I liked what he taught about I AM affirmations. It makes them more powerful.

The following is an excerpt for Ultimate Balance used by permission from the author. (OH that is me!)

Be Aware of ‘The Power of the Word’

Words are powerful. They too have strong frequency. They are more powerful than thought because they have gone beyond thought to manifestation. Marcella Vonn Harting, Young Living Crown Diamond has spent many years teaching about conscious language, about being aware of what we are saying to ourselves and others. The words “I am” are powerful words. They are a form of the verb “to be” which means to exist. Using these words calls things into existence. You are saying that whatever you are is true and exists so the body has to call it forth. So if you say, “I am fat”, the body says, “Yes, Yes, Yes, let us create fat.” And thus it is and so you are. The same with sentences like “I am tired, I am sick, I am poor”, etc. Your brain and body will obey your words. That is why positive affirmations can be so very powerful in the healing of the body, affirmations such as “I am full of life and vigor. I am getting better as I speak. I love life. I am happy to have the body that I have.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has done experiments with the spoken word, the written word and thoughts using water and ice crystals. His experiments really show the power of language. He did experiments by praying over and speaking words over glasses of water, following which he froze the water and looked at the crystals in the microscope. water crystalThe crystals of water over which he had prayed or spoken wonderful words were beautiful crystals but the ones that had had harsh words spoken over them were ugly or muddy-looking or had confused-looking crystal patterns. They weren’t beautiful. Look at the pictures at this web site and you will be amazed.




Since our body is over 70% water, what is happening to the water in your cells as a result of your words, thoughts or emotions?


Intend to have a healthy body


Wayne Dyer has given the Law of Attraction a new name. He calls it The Power of Intention. To intend something is to will it to happen. We have to become clear on what we really want in order to intend something to come to be. Visualization of what you want is one way to become clear. Picture a healthy body or a particular organ in your mind. Put pictures of what you want on a bulletin board so you know what it looks like. For this reason, I have included pictures of all the organs in this book. That way you will know exactly what a healthy organ looks like and you can picture it and focus on it. Make a written and a spoken statement about what you want. For example, a general statement for the whole body might look like this:

My body is completely healed. All the ligaments are healed and whole, all the muscles are toned and healthy, and all the bones are in alignment and have fabulous movement. I have a lot of energy to be able to accomplish all that I want to in a day. As a result of my energy, my days are full and vibrant. My heart pumps perfectly. It is so powerful and efficient that it pumps the blood to my ankles and back up with ease. My lungs can expand and inspire and expire all the air I need to exercise and work. My joints are lubricated and bend with grace and ease. All my organs work perfectly. My liver is clean and pink and does its 50,000 functions with ease. Sugar handling and fat and protein digestion are perfect. I burn fat easily. My kidneys work perfectly. They purify my blood, filter water and expel the excess water with ease. They are whole, healed and healthy. My eyes see what ever is required of them to see. They are completely healed. My immune system is functioning in tiptop shape, carrying on my bodily functions in perfect divine order.

Record your statement, set it to music and listen to it daily. Feel the excitement of what it would be like to have a body working in perfect order. One of the tenets of the Law of Attraction is that what you focus on expands. So focus daily on the perfect health that you truly choose to have. Tell a friend what you intend to create. Make her an accountability partner. Call her daily and tell them what things you are going to do that day to make you happier, healthier and wealthier. The next day, tell her that you did it!

Esther Hicks in her book, “Ask and It Is Given”, says that the Law of Attraction is simple:


Be open to receiving

Let it go



If you are not open to receiving, you won’t get what you ask for. How can God give you anything if you cannot receive and then be grateful for the gifts? Letting it go means that it is up to God to bring it into fruition. Ways to let it go are to write what you want and then put it into a “God ‘To Do’ Jar”. After that, every day you thank God for bringing you that thing. Be open to inspiration from above. This will lead you to ways that you can help God to bring it about. You may be inspired to use certain oils or eat a certain way or do a particular exercise. Listen to your inner knowing, that gut feeling that comes from above. It could be God bringing you want you want.

Yours in health,


Dr. LeAnne

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