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Bone Tissue

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on October 29, 2015

I have decided to open my blog to people who would like to research a tissue and find out what Young Living Essential Oils support that tissue or support a system. Your websites will be featured along with the article that you wrote about it!

Today’s blog is about Bone Tissue. It was written by Virginia Biasizzo NDTP author of the blog, https://sites.google.com/site/wwwwhitewillow9com/home  Thank you Virginia. The following products support Bone Tissue.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR OSTEOPOROSIS – BONE DETERIORATION  aids in the support of slowing process.

Osteoporosis is primarily caused by four main factors:
• Progesterone Deficiency
• Lack of Magnesium & Boron in diet
• Lack of Vitamin D in diet
• Lack of Dietary Calcium
Natural Progesterone is the single best way to increase bone density in women over age 40.

First Recommendations                                                                                                                   4640
• Progesterone Plus
• Super Cal
• Idaho Balsam Fir
Single Oils
• Wintergreen
• Marjoram
• Spruce
• Elemi
• Peppermint
• Rosemary
• Basil
Other Blends
• Pan Away
• Aroma Siez
• Purification
• Melrose
• Sacred Mountain
• Relieve It
Dietary Supplementation
• Super Cal
• Essentialzyme
• ImmuPro
• Sulfurzyme
• Thyromin

*The aforementioned is directly taken from the Essential Oils Desk Reference – 4th edition
** Therapeutic Oils should only come from Young Living Essential Oils. No other company guarantees purification and quality in a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil aside Young Living

WhiteWillow ~ Virginia Biasizzo NDTP   has done all these interesting things!

Yoga(1979), Reiki(1980), Psychology & Marketing Studies(1980), Nutrition(1981), Herbs/Essential Oils(1982), Business & Law Studies(1983), Reflexology(1983), Shiatsu(1984), Native American Medicine(1984), Acupuncture(1985), Bio Electrical Intern(1986), Rife(1986), Cognitive Science Intern(1987), Barbara Brennan(1988), Mental Health Svcs(1989), Shamanism(1990), Alternative Medicine Advocate(1991), Cancer(1992), Internal Medicine/Nursing(1995), Frequency Medicine (1997), Emergency Room(1999), Ministries(2000), Hospice(2001), Hospital Policy(2002), Medical Insurance Policy(2004), Biophoton Recalibration(2005), Audiology(2006). Energy Medicine(2007), Cancer Research(2008), Bio Photon Integrative Medicine (2010 – Present), Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner (2013 – Present), In Progress PhD Immunogenetics
Please send me any thing you have learned about Tissues or Organ systems and let us make this category grow to serve others!

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