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FDA says “Stop it!”

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on October 2, 2014

There has been a recent scare by the FDA to stop Essential Oil companies from saying that their products "cure" or "help" in anyway diseases or pain. They did a good job with their scare tactic. I have heard many an Essential Oil distributor quiver in fear! Meanwhile, I see the FDA "top dogs" rolling on the floor laughing out loud in their offices in my mind's eye. This is not new to me. I have been in  natural healing for over 30 years. I have seen this rise up occassionally then go back down. The trick is to learn to speak their language!

Just comply.

When I graduated from Chiropractic School, we had to learn the AMA language. There are certain things we could and could not say. But if we failed to diagnose the client with a medically named disease then we were in trouble! Of course we were told to send the person to a medical doctor afterwards. I remember on our national boards, that a question was asked something like this: A patient comes into see you with heart palpitations and arrythmia. What do you do. A. adjust his first and second rib. B. massage his back. C. send him immediately to a medical doctor. To pass the test we needed to say C even if that isn't what we believed. We had to lie and be out of intregrity with ourselves to get our licenses. I knew for a fact that adjusting those ribs could but not necessarily stop the problem. I later saw it in my office on countless occasions. But I always said, "Legally I am supposed to tell you to see a medical doctor if you are having an issue like this." I would adjust them and then give them Trace Minerals and remind them to see a doctor before they left.

If ever they asked me what they could take for a certain disease, I would tell them, "I am not a medical doctor and cannot legally tell you what you can take or not take; however, if it were me, I would try cleaning my colon first and removing  toxins from the body to improve my health." Then I would educate them about what causes toxins in the body to accumulate, things like constipation, dehyrdration, using a lot of OTC lotions and creams etc. I would also tell them that I don't treat disease, I treat people.

I learned their language.

When I started using insurance, I had a mentor teach me how to speak Insurance Language so I could be paid. When I lived in Portugal, I learned Portuguese so I could speak with the shop owners and my maids and the people at church. I read online that if you have a child having trouble in Math it usually isn't the  numbers that are the problem but Math language! So teach them what subtract means in words. It means take away. what does Multiply mean? It means add that number to itself several times.

So I have had several people complain that they think that the FDA is taking away their freedome of speech. I say, just learn their language and talk in it!

Having said all that, I love Essential Oils. I am not going to let anyone take them away from me. I am so grateful for the role they have had in my life and in my health. Being healthy is a life style. I choose health. I choose life! I choose Young Living!

Yours in health! 

Dr. LeAnne

  • Judi Gephart

    Right on! Dr. LeAnne. I love you.

  • LaDonna Harris

    Thank you so much for this!

  • dj2me

    scare tactics if you do not know this

  • Jennifer Hitchcock

    As always, good insight!

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