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What Are You Missing? I Talked About Infertility In the Doctor Mom club! Where Were You?

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on April 28, 2014

Here is a transcript of one of my monthly Q&A calls for the Doctor Mom Club. Don't miss out on more!

Good evening.  This is Dr. LeAnne here with the monthly Dr. Mom Club call.  What I would like to do for a few minutes is talk about some questions that were asked on the board this morning.  Sometimes they are just a little bit too difficult to type all the information.  I wanted to answer them personally.

One person asked me about a client who is having infertility issues.  The doctors have told her that there is no medical reason that she is not getting pregnant.  She has had a tubal pregnancy and has lost one fallopian tube.  That is really sad.  I’m sure it was also very painful.  Her husband has been told that he has a low sperm count.  That was in the past.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be right now.  Let’s talk about that.

First of all, I am going to talk about the husband.  The husband is usually not the problem in infertility.  It is mostly the women.  Just to increase his sperm count, what are we going to do?  First, I’m going to tell him to cleanse.  Isn’t that my answer for everything?  Yes, it is.  It is very important.  The more that I am rewriting my "Inner Transformation Using Essential Oil" book, the more that I know that it is absolute truth.  Zinc is essential for men in order to produce the amount of sperm that they need.  NingXia Red® is another thing that is amazing in maintaining sperm count, and a colon cleanse and liver cleanse.  The other thing men need to do beyond anything is to feed their adrenal glands.  That is so important. Especially if you have a man with libido problems or erectile dysfunction; what I am about to tell you is really important for them; that is their adrenal glands.  Feed the adrenal glands.  That is so important for male hormones.

Why am I telling him first to do a cleanse?  He has to make sure that the liver is delivering to his adrenals the basic blocks to build hormones.  He needs to make sure that his liver is digesting fats and proteins. What else?  Super B™; he needs B vitamins all of his life; everyday of his life.  It is extremely important for a man.  Also, he needs trace minerals.  I know men who do not take their trace minerals and have all kinds of hormonal problems and erectile dysfunction and things like that.  I just can’t stress it enough.  He may also benefit from Omegagize3,  Essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and trace minerals.  Those are the three most important things for our adrenals.  I will say them over and over again, the adrenals eat those daily, they build with them daily, and they need them daily to function. 

We have also noticed with erectile dysfunction; by the way, this has nothing to do with infertility in a man, (duh unless it does) but since I am talking about men’s hormones, the product Prostate Health from Young Living is amazing for men.  Even though it says it’s for the prostate, it is amazing for a  man’s hormones.

What about the women?  The medical doctors are looking at the women and they are looking at their fallopian tubes, their uterus and their ovaries.  They think that there is where the problem lies.  If they don’t see anything, they say there is nothing wrong, because they haven’t gone beyond that.

What have I found over the years?  I have helped hundreds and hundreds of women to get pregnant.  I have found that in 95% of the cases the problem is the liver.  It’s the same thing with the man.  Once they cleanse the colon and cleanse the liver and then within six months usually, they are pregnant.

What if they’re not?  Just keep going and keep doing it.  The second thing might be pituitary, thyroid, low progesterone, and the adrenals.  What do I tell you?  Send to this to the person who is having the problem, "Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils", "Ultimate Balance", and "Taming the Dragon Within". Reading those three books and putting them together (I’m hoping to be able to put them together at convention when I talk) and following their protocols, then they get pregnant.  The longest I’ve ever seen anybody take to get pregnant was 18 months.  There were six people who did not get pregnant following my protocol.  One was because they didn’t follow the protocol and four of the women had really severe emotional issues from having been sexually abused by their dad.  They were not willing to let go of that.  They were not willing to work on it or go to anyone who could assist them with emotional issues, because they did not believe it would work. They also believed that in forgiving him it would say it was okay to do what he did.  So, they didn’t get pregnant.  These were six sisters, two of them worked with me, they got pregnant, and four of them did not.  Both of those women had been trying for 11 years each.  The other sisters refused and that’s okay.  Once we worked with their emotions and did the liver cleanse and cleaned up the rest of their body, like their hormones, those two sisters got pregnant.  There you go; that’s my answer. 

That is my absolute answer, because I’ve seen it happen time and time again.  This one woman who had two children with her previous husband, she still may have liver cleansing and hormonal issues that she needs to take care of.  That’s what I would do.  For sure, it is a lot cheaper than having to go and get medical procedures done. 

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