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Tree Pollen Allergies: Just What is the Cause?

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on March 19, 2015

This is another in my “What one oil?” series. I have said in the past how much I dislike that question. And my answer is always: “What is the cause? Find out what organ is having a problem.” Why are you allergic to Tree Pollen, cats, birds, ragweed etc and your spouse isn’t. You are both living in the same house with the same yard and the same amount of pollen in that yard. Why you and not him? Allergy

I am going to tell you about allergy. You can only be allergic to a protein. Not an oil, not a sugar or fat. So many people say that they are allergic to an essential oil. Nope can’t  happen. You are sensitive to it not allergic to it. So this is what is happening in the body. The liver isn’t breaking down the proteins well. It actually starts in the mouth. Did you chew up that protein first? Do you have enough Vitamin B-12 to assist the stomach in the digestion process? Do you have enough stomach acid? What about in the small intestine, do you have enough pepsin or other enzymes that will also digest the protein into smaller units called amino acids? Then is the liver breaking it down further or is it passing on two many larger chunks into the kidney and the kidney dumping it into the blood stream. Next the body is not recognizing the protein as protein for food and sends out the immune system to pick it up and get rid of it? The first responder mast cells go out into the blood to check it out. But in the meantime, you breathed in more protein in the form of pollen or cat hair and now there is too many proteins in the blood. The mast cells produce histamines to get rid of the protein in the blood. The histamines create hives, inflammation and mucus. Because you are breathing in the proteins, the nose and eyes and sinuses react. So what do you want to do? Take an anti-histamine to stop the runny itchy eyes and nose. Did it get rid of your allergy? No it just stopped the reaction.

I have given you many clues in the above paragraph to how to get rid of your allergy. Chew your food, take pepsin, HCL Betaine, other enzymes, clean out  your blood, clean your liver and support it etc. Or take a symptom reliever like an anti-histamine until the pollen or cat hair goes away and start all over again next year. I know that the first time I cleaned my liver, my allergies went away. I could hold a cat again, I could go outside without a bandana around my nose and mouth among many things that just disappeared because my blood was clean again.

To find out more about allergies, check out my book, Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils 2nd edition.


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