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Whoops! I Spilled Half a Bottle of Essential Oil!

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on May 8, 2015


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Wow! I just learned some lessons I had forgotten.
Two days ago I opened a bottle of Idaho Balsam Fir and forgot that I hadn’t put it’s orifice or plug back in the bottle after I opened it. I took it out to be able to use the bottle in my diffuser. Then just put the cap on with out the plug.

Lesson one. Always a bad idea to be lazy.

So knowing the expense of that oil, I went into poverty mode and immediately started rubbing the oil off the floor and wiping it all over my body. I didn’t want to waste a drop. I posted about it on Facebook. I had many people give me the advice to roll in it. They were in the same mode as  I.  Bad Idea.

Lesson two. It is not fun to overdose in an essential oil.

I did this several years ago when I accidentally poured a whole bottle of Peace and Calming into my bathtub. I jumped in after it once again not to waste it. I burned my skin from having this hot oil being pushed into my body by not mixing with water. Not fun. I was burned for several days.

Lesson 3. Essential Oils and water do not mix.

Thankfully, I learned what to do this time on Facebook. One person suggested that I mop the excess oil up with paper towels or napkins and then  put it in a jar and seal it up to use later. You can use the strips on a heating vent or air conditioning vent to let it diffuse in the house later.

Kellysue Reiff Harook said, “When I spill an oil, I still try to put it to use. Wipe with paper towel or small cloth. You can rip into into small pieces, put each into top of mason jar filled with kosher or epsom salt. Now you have bath salts or slow diffuser. Or, place rag in washer or dryer for fresher clothes, or in your clothes drawer or closet or many other uses. A lot depends on the oil & the surface that it landed on.”

This is a much better idea then rubbing it on your skin. Many people talked about having major detox after they rubbed it all over their skin so as to not waste the oil. I had an opposite affect after I rubbed it all over. Instead of relaxing my body, in the middle of the night, I awoke in tension all over. Interesting reaction.

So the point is more is not better. I always say use a little frequently. Lesson learned again!

  • dj2me

    we all sure hate wasting even a drop of our oils

  • nativetexangirl

    I have spilled a tiny bit on the counter before and just licked it up but thankfully I have not spilled a lot so thanks for the heads up on what to do and what not to do! :)

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